By Helene Berman

Welcome to the Voices against Violence: Youth Stories Create Change blog!  

It is my honour and privilege to be a part of this truly unique and profoundly important project. As a research project that ‘pushes boundaries’, I am deeply grateful to our funders, the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, for having the courage to take a chance and the confidence that working in different ways with youth can indeed make a difference.

Through this research, we are creating ‘safe spaces’ where, through various artistic methods, we can talk about structural forms of violence that continue to shape the everyday lives of young people in Canada.

While we acknowledge and recognize power differentials, our engagement with youth is one that is based on the development of relationships that are collaborative in every sense. In the process, all of us, younger and older members of the team alike,  learn, grow, and are changed.  To everyone who has worked tirelessly to bring this website to fruition, I extend my heartfelt gratitude. And to all members of our team, whether you are researchers, youth, policy makers, program-developers, or some combination thereof, I am inspired by the work you do, day in and day out, to create a world free of violence. 

Helene Berman


About the Author:
Helene Berman, RN, Ph.D. is professor and associate dean (Research) in the Faculty of Health Sciences at Western University, as well as a research scholar at the Centre for Research and Education on Violence against Women and Children.


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