By Heather Stephenson

The Voices against Violence Twitter handle, @ProjectVAV, has been in place since July 2014. Since that time, the presence of the project on Twitter has grown from two tweets a day, five days per week, to the current pattern of three tweets a day, seven days a week. This growth has occurred organically. For example, in February 2015, I increased from two to three tweets to include content about Black History Month, which I thought would be of importance to our followers and in-line with the sort of work the Voices project does.

twitterSometimes I try to group the tweets together by a topic or theme but often I just schedule an assortment of tweets for each day. I look for tweets from a variety of sources to cover a variety of topics that relate to structural violence, the mission of the Voices project, issues affecting health care (both mental and physical) more generally, and issues affecting youth. Most of the tweets relate to issues of gender, race, and class with a particular focus on feminist issues, stories relating to First Nations communities and experiences, and stories from the LGBTQ+ communities, and issues around poverty.

I also try to include tweets that speak to a variety of audiences. Therefore I will tweet about conferences and publications, current events/news stories, holidays/days of awareness (like the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women), news/events from communities where I know the Voices project held research groups (like Calgary, Vancouver, Halifax), tweets/posts from NYAB members and VAV researchers, and the occasional light-hearted topic/fun website. The goal of this kind of twitter feed is to appeal to as many people as possible while trying to connect to different communities and individuals via the use of a variety of hashtags.

As well, I also try to include information from the Voices website. When there are new blog posts, I will link to those on a few separate occasions. I will also tweet about different information included on the website such as the purpose and goals of Voices against Violence, what sort of work we have done, and the kinds of research methods used.

Bio: Heather Stephenson is a research assistant for social media with the Voices against Violence project.

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