IMG 2423Formally titled, Promoting Health through Collaborative Engagement with Youth in Canada:  Overcoming, Resisting and Preventing Structural Violence, this project was renamed Voices against Violence by our National Youth Advisory Board

This  five-year research project began in 2011, led by Western University and funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research.

Voices against Violence examines the subtle and explicit ways in which structural violence is woven into the everyday lives of young people in Canada, how it influences their health, and strategies that can be used by youth to overcome and resist violence.

Structural violence is a process by which some groups are denied access to resources by systems in place. Our program of research will examine how structural violence is embedded and enacted within different institutional systems (in particular governmental institutions such as health, education, criminal justice, child welfare, social or income security), highlighting how different processes and power dynamics serve to disadvantage particular groups. While we recognize there are multiple sources of inequality (sexuality, age, ability, status, etc.) we have chosen to focus on inequalities that are derived from gender, race, and class within this grant.

IMG 3383Voices against Violence works in partnership with youth using a participatory action approach and through collaboration with a National Youth Advisory Board. This means youth help to shape and develop the design and activities of the project. Their ideas and perspectives guide the work that develops.

Dr. Helene Berman from the School of Nursing at Western University leads Voices against Violence as its Principal Investigator. She collaborates with a team of researchers and knowledge Users/Community Partners and knowledge Users/Community Partners from across the country.  Our partners in the community bring the perspective of what it’s like to work with these issues in the everyday realities of youth.

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