IMG 3390Voices against Violence: Youth Stories Create Change  is guided by principles of:

  • collaboration
  • interactive and collective facilitation
  • clarity and equitability in governance.

Our commitment to a deeply collaborative process does not erase professional and social power differentials, but rather acknowledges them at every stage of the project, as we develop research methodologies and data generation alongside youth co-researchers.

Our responsibility towards a collaborative process includes ways of supporting an emergent and negotiated collaborative process with the youth co-researchers.

Our governance structure  which includes the pivotal role of the National Youth Advisory Council  attends to the need for youth to have a clear and equitable role, where they are partners in this research at all stages of the project.

Through our engagement with youth, we hope to illuminate how young people can feel empowered to:

  • contribute to the creation of more vibrant, inclusive and healthy communities
  • the identification of new models of programming for and with youth, and
  • the development of public policy that informs, and is informed by, the realities of raced, classed, and gendered violence that shape and limit the health of young people in Canada.

For a comprehensive description of how these principles are effected through our engagement process, click here.