Grid photoThe overall purpose of Voices against Violence is:

  • To examine how structural violence is experienced by youth in Canada, how it influences their health, and strategies that can be used to address and prevent violence.
  • Evaluate how collaborative engagement with youth can promote health by empowering them to address structural violence in their lives.

We hope to achieve these goals through the following objectives:

  • Examine how structural forms of violence are defined, understood and experienced by youth.
  • Examine, from the perspectives of youth, how structural violence shapes their health and wellbeing.
  • Examine policies to identify how institutions contribute to the victimization or vulnerability of diverse groups of youth, and how these policies influence them.
  • Analyse the role of media in the lives of youth, paying attention to issues of identity, belonging/exclusion, health and sense of self.
  • Evaluate the use of youth-centered participatory action research as a health promotion strategy.