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Group 1 - Winter 2016
Group 2 - Summer 2016



Group 1: Gender based structural violence in rural Manitoba – Winter 2016

This video is the product of a Voices Against Violence funded research project that focuses on gender-based violence prevention involving youth in a rural Manitoba community. The youth participants worked collectively to create a video with an aim to not only raise awareness about gender-based violence but contribute to its prevention. The participants were responsible for the creation of the video including the writing, acting, directing, videography, editing, and production. The participants’ names, faces, and other identifying information have been intentionally removed to protect their rights to confidentiality.


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Group 2: The Mental Health Needs and Experiences of Winnipeg Youth – Summer 2016

The study will examine issues pertaining to structural violence, social justice, and youth social, emotional, and mental well-being.  It will involve an in-depth exploration of the mental health needs and experiences of youth living in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Specifically, youth residing in the Inkster/Seven Oaks area will be invited to participate in the study. Inkster/Seven Oaks is a geographic area in Winnipeg that is over-represented by newcomer/refugee, Indigenous, and low-income youth.   A group will be held with youth who self-identify as experiencing mental health challenges. The group will follow the arts-based, participatory approach that the larger Voices against Violence project has adopted. A Youth Advisory Committee has been established and will be actively assist in facilitating the groups.


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