IMG 3499So what is the National Youth Advisory Board?

Our National Youth Advisory Board is a group of engaged and interested young people who have been asked to come together across Canada to give this project and the team  members advice, direction, and leadership on what they are doing and how they are doing it. Because the project is about youth, who better to make sure that the project is meeting youth where they are at, than youth?!

The National Youth Advisory Board has an important job to do by being there and giving advice to the project team for how to reach youth to be part of this project and the research questions.

In the various regions of where the project took place, the project team members there hosted groups of youth to talk to them about the research questions and how they feel about the topics. They used various art-based activities and the advice from the National Youth Advisory Board to make it happen!


Current Members Past Members

Amanda Aziz
Breann Maxwell
Emanuela Bringi
Jayson Tower
Julia Tadman
Kate Elliott
Madelynn Slade
Michelle Brake
Santiago Vargas
Zac Hickey

Alia El-Tayeb (NYAB co-coordinator)
Keara Yim