Emanuela Bringi

Voices Against Violence: Youth Stories Create change is a dynamic research project that is actively working to bring attention to the affects of structural violence in the lives of youth and finding ways to break the cycle. I am proud to be a member of the National Youth Advisory Board where I get to be a part of a forceful group challenging the existence of structural violence and implementing what could be seen as methods of prevention or healing. One of these methods are the art based youth research groups being held in various regions of Canada.

I have a diploma in Social Service Work – Immigrant and Refugees, and will be completing my studies at York University in Multicultural and Indigenous Studies in the fall of 2015. Majority of the work that I’ve been involved in are geared towards the empowerment of youth and community building. I held the President position for the York United Black Students’ Alliance at York University; YUBSA is a student run Pan-Africanist organization established to help foster unity and togetherness in the Black community at York University and surrounding areas. I am currently the Director and National Coordinator for Voices For Sudan’s Diaspora training and I am a Leader with an initiative titled: Generation of Leaders: South Sudan.

Our youth are key leaders that must not be overlooked, through this project we are projecting youth voices and guiding our future leaders.