julia tadmanMy name is Julia Tadman and I was born in Calgary, Alberta. I am currently living in Toronto, Ontario, where I study applied mathematics at York University. I enjoy being able to help people who can’t necessarily always help themselves. In Calgary I was a youth crisis counselor and I am currently doing volunteer work for a foundation that works closely with patients from the Hospital for Sick Children and their families in Toronto. I particularly like working on the National Youth Advisory Board because I feel that it has the potential to empower youth who have found themselves in violent situations.

I am excited to be part of this dedicated team to try to make a positive change in the lives of youth by focusing on how they are affected by violence. As a fairly new member of this team I am looking forward to seeing where the project is headed and to being able to grow as a person as the program continues to expand.

I think what makes this project so unique is that while it gives youth a voice to speak up against violence, it also teaches youth that have been victimized that they do not have to continue to be victims. They can learn from their experiences and use their knowledge to help themselves and others who face similar situations.