IMG 2519Members of the National Youth Advisory Board (NYAB) have the important task of giving advice on the activities of the project team, on how to reach youth to be part of this project, and on the research questions themselves.

Structure and Commitment

The NYAB is a flat advisory board (no chair), assisted by two co-coordinators. Members of the NYAB work in a project-based format, taking on leadership roles based on interest in the task at hand. Youth involved in the NYAB are asked to commit to at least two years of participation, and invited to stay on beyond that term, or remain connected with the project to participate in its final-year conference.


Tasks of the National Youth Advisory Board

To advise, inform and provide feedback to the project team about the development and implementation of the project. This may include questions of policy and programming for youth, knowledge on the development of context/culture, appropriate models and resources, resources and procedural recommendations.


Role Description

  • To participate in regular scheduled communication with the project team:
  • 10 conference calls over the year, approx. one hour each.
  • Engage in email discussions with the project coordinators should issues need to be addressed outside of the advisory board meetings.
  • Use the NYAB Facebook group as a means of communication in between meetings.
  • To provide information and materials as they directly relate to the project.
  • Provide any documentation they would like to share, including videos, links, journals ─ anything considered useful or related to the project.


  • Always have respect for one another, no matter the circumstances and regardless of our differences.
  • Respect that personal information must stay confidential.
  • Work together to create a safe space, with no discrimination, just pure acceptance.
  • Strive to accept one another for who we are, and look forward to learning great things from each other.  Just remember, respect and safety are crucial.

For our National Youth Advisory Board Terms of Reference click here.